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Tamia's Five Rules

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

There was a little regret lingering inside of her. She blamed it on her broken and contrite heart.

She wasn’t always this way. She believed in people and love and dreamt of happily ever after until love crucified her because of her lineage. To protect her fragile heart, Tamia operated by a set of rules:

  1. Never allow the sun to catch her in a bed that wasn’t hers.

  2. Never give her heart to another man.

  3. No pillow talk.

  4. Charge all men for her presence so they would appreciate her time.

  5. Trust no one, only one.

By the time she reached her car, she had convinced herself she had told him what no other woman had dared.

Some people go through their entire lives thinking they are good lovers because no person had enough courage to say their sex was hideous.

Tamia had never been afraid to reveal a man’s bedroom percentage. She figured we are judged on everything else in our lives. Why not our bedroom skills?

At work, when you do poorly, you receive a verbal warning. For example, when a woman never moans or talks dirty during sex, she’s giving him a verbal warning and vice versa.

After your verbal warning, if you still do not improve, your supervisor or manager tries to shock your system. This write-up goes into detail, outlining the areas of your performance that require improvement. This is what your mate is doing when you claim they are nagging or bitching.

If you value your job, you make the necessary enhancements, thus securing your position. You get terminated if your progress doesn’t improve, hence the layoff notice she served Shawn.

Tamia’s steps halted in front of her newest model BMW SUV. The penmanship on the note wedged under the driver’s windshield wiper blade caught her attention.

She clicked her teeth together as an emotional panic raced over her body.

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