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Niah - Sins Of A Father Teaser 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A pulse of electricity jolted through Niah’s body. The sweet aroma of her Creed Love in Black mixed with his Creed Windsor triggered a replay of their lovemaking in her mind. The anticipation of round two kept her body on fire until she heard the shower.

Her body straightened in the bed as her heart dropped. “Excuse me! My heart is about to have a Lifetime Movie Network moment.”

Jarvis continued to get dressed and ignored Niah. He knew the routine. She was about to start nagging about feeling neglected and wanting a baby to make her happy.

Before Niah created these Lifetime Movie moments, Jarvis would have given her a baby. Back then, their home was a tranquil environment. After Niah passed the bar, she grumbled daily about becoming a mother. Jarvis was inclined to give in because his desire to be a “girl dad” was also intense.

One day he was in her home office looking for his business checkbook when he stumbled upon her five-year plan. Marriage and baby were unchecked. Since that day, he could not shake the feeling that marriage and a baby was another box Niah needed to check off her list.

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