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One Night

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Atlanta women stayed gossiping about RB’s massive third leg, stating you only get one taste. No woman has a story about him doubling back. He is famously known for providing women with one unapologetic night of multi-orgasmic pleasure.

The exotic beauty swore that if she ever had a chance to ride his massive pole, she would ride it all night long. But, unlike the other women, her story would not end with a one-night stand. Instead, it would continue throughout a lifetime.

The exotic beauty traced her lips with the tip of her tongue then moaned. “You’re handsome. Tell me something about yourself.”

RB chuckled before taking a puff off his cigar. “I’m confident, handsome, and hella rich. What else do you need to know about me?”

She loved the arrogance oozing off him. She eyed his large hands, then skimmed his size thirteen shoes. “Please tell me your hands are not the only thing massive on your body,” she said through a purr. “I pray your third leg is as long as your feet.”

She twirled her hair and pressed her ample breast against his side.

“I can guarantee you my third leg will put my hands and feet to shame. So don’t go wasting a good prayer on me.”

She giggled.

“My pole and I are willing to give you the best orgasmic experience of your life tonight.”

The exotic beauty batted her eyes. “What if I want more than tonight?”

RB sat up straight and looked deep into her eyes. “Then I am not the man for you. All I can offer you is one evening.”

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