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Jarvis - Sins Of A Father Teaser 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A black man is not supposed to be locked away in a cage. Cages are for animals. Prison cells don’t assist in healing, improving communication, promoting development, or empowering love as psychiatric therapy does.

The first time metal bars clicked behind Jarvis, he decided to be the vessel of change for himself and the youngsters in his neighborhood.

His primary focus was to protect the young black boys in the community and educate them by revealing different avenues to escape their poverty that didn’t include selling drugs or a ball.

Understand, he has nothing against athletics. He merely opposes the system that minimizes black men to cowhide leather and rubber, omitting their brilliance beyond the field and court.

Athletic departments weaponize the myth that black athleticism is inherited; therefore, they are expected, no, required to outperform their counterparts and remain grateful and humble for the opportunity as racial slurs and media discrimination is hurdled at them daily.

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