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Sins Of A Father

Have you ever been betrayed by those you love? Jarvis has always protected and provided for his loved ones. When an old ghastly secret emerges, Jarvis questions the definition of a real man and the meaning of family, loyalty, and unconditional love.

Niah never forgave herself for not being present when God took her family. Years later, their death still haunts her. Coping with survivor’s remorse, a cheating fiancée, and a drug-addicted father, Niah’s life is constantly spinning out of control. Restoring her faith in family and love will not be easy for Jarvis because she's done forgiving, much less forgetting.

Tyrik is dealing with a lifetime of disappointment from his parents. Since Ty was a child, his father never hid his disdain for his son. Searching for affection in all the wrong places, Tyrik plunges into a sinful career. Tyrik loves his life and career, but Jarvis, his godbrother, is determined to show him a life beyond sinful sheets.

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