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I don’t have a vast catalog, but my objective is to release a minimum of four novellas and three novels each year. It was supposed to be four novelettes, but as I told my editor, I talk too much for 17,500 words.  

When one book closes, another one opens. I hope you find your next favorite book here.


BAE Series

The BAE series comprises four novels and a collection of two novellas. Christa Tillman recommended reading order is Summer Paradise (novella), Dipped In Deceit (novella), Lyrics Between Us (08.06.22), Born Exhausted (TBD), Baecation (TBD), Even Flowers Die (TBD).

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Jarvis and Niah’s love started as an adolescent crush, but the urgency of marriage and starting a family is pulling them apart at the seams. When an old ghastly secret emerges, Jarvis questions his perception of masculinity and the stigmatization surrounding psychotherapy in the Black community.

Niah never forgave herself for not being present when God took her family. Years later, their death still haunts her. Devastated by her husband-to-be behavior and God sanctioning it, Niah has lost confidence in God and love. Restoring her faith in love will not be easy because she's done forgiving, much less forgetting. 

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     Lyrics Between Us

Meet me at the altar! 
All Miya wanted was a man who would match her playlist... Fueled by nature, Miya’s world is tossed upside down as she navigates this world of love, and the battle of nurture versus nature, finding herself torn because, as they say, ‘Two wrongs don’t make things right.’ 

Faith fuels focus...
Malik Walker found himself sitting on the sidelines in the prime of his life. Devastated by the blows to body and spirit, Malik is forced to face the ultimate choice. Will he walk away with the All-American Dream, or will his decision lead him to fumble and cause the lyrics of love to fade?

Can a one-night stand turn into a forever romance?