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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything and everyone surrounding me.

What is your process for drafting a novel?

As for the process, I’ll take a dream or an idea and let it roll around in my mind for a while. Then, when it tells me it is ready to be revealed, I’ll sit down and start writing my theme and ask myself will this plot or theme spark a conversation once the reader is done. Next, I begin to create my characters and their personalities. Often, I’ll jot a few notes down first before starting a bullet list of story points. Finally, I outline the novel chapter by chapter.

How do you create the characters in your stories?

They sprout up when needed. Sometimes they’ll only give me a glimpse into their temperament, while other times, they’ll come to me, revealing their complete persona. No matter how small, every character is essential to me, not just a cookie-cutter cutout. The reader might not see everything about their personalities, but I know them passionately.

Is it hard to write your first draft?

No. My outline and character development sheets have already given me a directive.  When I’m done with my first draft, the best part of writing a story begins for me. That’s rewriting. I love the rewrite. At this point, you make things come alive as you focus on the five senses. At this point, I’m more focused on the visualization of the story.  Victoria Christopher Murray once told me, “Writing is like giving birth. When that baby comes out, it looks like an alien with all that stuff on it. But after the nurses clean it up, it starts to look better. After a couple of weeks, that baby is beautiful because the parents took the time to groom it.” A novel is the same way.  Whenever I question myself, I remind myself I have to clean my baby up. With each draft, your story will become sharper. Don’t be afraid of third or fourth drafts.

Can I Send You My Manuscript for Feedback?

No. I will offer various writing contests. My goal is to publish other authors. I am working on this goal. It will take some time because I don’t want to be a vanity press.

Any advice for novelists just starting?

Pay for what you don’t know how to do and do what you know. Don’t forget the business side of writing, especially the marketing side of the business.


Observe life. People watch—ear hustle on conversations. Don’t judge anyone; soak it in and ask why or what lead to this conversation. You just created some of your character’s backstory.


Your blessing is for you to bless others, and many people cannot see the vision God has given you because it’s meant for you now. So, don’t expect everyone to believe in your dream. It’s not that they don’t want to support you or mean to say discoursing things. They can’t imagine embarking on the journey themselves primarily due to fear. Unknowingly they will push their fears onto you. Sometimes they don’t even know they are doing it. Stay focus on the desires of your heart, and people will see your gifts.

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