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Summer Paradise


A lack of sex can be harmful, causing your self-worth and confidence to plummet.


Every woman desires more than one night with him. But Romello “RB” Brooks is famously known for providing women with one unapologetic night of multi-orgasmic ecstasy. When his sister demands a summer vacation, she has one rule: no meaningless one-night stands. RB is positive this is a promise he can keep because indulging in different women is a bonus in life, not a necessity until he meets a gorgeous doctor on the Island of Turks and Caicos.


Can this alpha male keep his promise, or will he extinguish his desire with one scorching summer night of pleasure?


Dipped In Deceit

Tamia believed in people, love, and dreamt of happily ever after until love crucified her because of her lineage. To protect her fragile heart, Tamia operated by a set of rules:

  • Never allow the sun to catch her in a bed that wasn’t hers.
  •  Never give her heart to another man.
  •  No pillow talk.
  •  Charge all men for her presence so they would appreciate her time.
  •  Trust no one, only one.


What happens when the man who broke your heart, causing you to create these rules, returns pleading for one more chance?


Will Tamia toss her rule book aside to give love another try?


Black & Educated eBook (Not Sold On-Site) See Retailers

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 10.18.2022

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