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Mature Man's Blessing

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

She lifted to her knees and swayed from side to side with her hands on her hips. “Baby, I am therapy in a bottle and so much more. Once you open Eboni, I swear I will stroke all your fears away. Then I’ll turn into ZzzQuil and put your ass to sleep. By morning I’ll be a cup of strong dark coffee waking you up to the dawn of a livelier day. Before the sun hides behind the clouds and the moon rises high, you’ll find yourself confessing your love for me.”

“Well damn!” He adjusted the rim of his shirt. “I am a big boy. I think I can handle you.”

“I’m not a boy’s toy. I’m a mature man’s blessing. A helpmate sent straight from God.”

RB cleared his throat. “I see. Can this mature man unwrap his gift now?”

She scanned the room before speaking. “What gift?”

“You,” he replied, running his long tongue across his thick succulent lips. “Do I pull the bow on the back of your panties to unwrap you?”

She blushed as she stood to her feet, twirling slowly before bending over in front of RB, wiggling the big satin bow in his face.

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